Why Google Analytics is Important For SEO

When we decide to work with a new SEO client there is a considerable amount of work that must be done upfront. This work includes on-site SEO and also taking a look at the website’s Google Analytics and competition. Keyword research is, of course, very important in this process but lately we have been gleaning much more information from the Google Analytics profile. In the following video, Avinash Kaushik from Google goes over the main metrics one should look for when reviewing their Google Analytics account:

The main takeaways from this video coincides well with what we’ve seen from our clients. Here are our top learnings:

1. Optimize for bounce rate

The bounce rate on your website is a key indication of the effectiveness of your website. An extraordinarily high bounce rate tells us two important things: either your page content is not compelling or the keywords you rank for are irrelevant to your business. When Jersey City SEO uncovers a high bounce rate with a prospective client it is important for us to identify if the problem is content or simply that the keyword is irrelevant. If the keyword is irrelevant to the business then, obviously, it makes sense to not optimize for that keyword in the future.

2. Have goals

If the people on your website are just browsing, ultimately, this is not good for your business. You want people to actually purchase from you or to give you a call. That is why goals are so important to setup in Google Analytics. Using goals we are able to determine where we are losing prospective clients when they come to the website from search engines but leave before actually buying. Google Analytics allows us to setup these goals to ensure we can adjust to push more people through our funnel.

3. Always ask why

One of my favorite parts of the video above is when Avinash explained that Google Analytics gives us the “what” but is does not inform us about the “why”. There is a huge difference between the two! It is important for us to use qualitative reasoning, AKA our brains, to determine the proper actions we need to take moving forward.


Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool which must be installed on your website today. The information provided with the tool will allow you to understand how your prospective customers are responding to the content on your website today and also show you where opportunities for growth exist.