We specialize in getting businesses to the top of Google. This positions them above the competition, drives more leads, and makes them more money.

Increase Your Exposure

We help you put your website in front of more potential customers and generate more new leads every day.

Grow Your Customer Base

We help you build a customer base that is familiar with your products and services and has also sought your services out specifically with the intention of spending money with you.

Increase Your Revenue

We help increase the revenue generated from your website by getting more eyes on it. This allows you to expand your business and enjoy the lifestyle you desire.

World Class Search Engine Optimization

The benefits of SEO include

Return on Investment

A better return on investment than any other form of advertising. Compare the benefits of SEO to traditional marketing campaigns, and you’ll see that every dollar spent on search engine optimization goes much farther than its traditional counterparts.

Rise Above the Competition

Your customers think whoever shows up first on Google is the best. That’s why having better SEO than your competitors is a competitive advantage. Great SEO positions you as the leader in your market and above all competitors.

Supercharge Your Marketing Dollars

SEO supercharges your marketing dollars. All of your marketing investments ultimately lead people online. When you have a better presence on the search engines it makes all your other marketing have a bigger impact.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

SEO is always changing – and having the right help means avoiding disaster. If you cannot stay ahead of what’s coming, you can’t compete in today’s market. We help you respond to changes in search engine algorithms to make sure you’re always on top.

Other Services


We handle PPC ads on Google Adwords and Facebook. This type of advertising allows us to place your ads in front of people who are searching for your products and also people who fit the demographic of your ideal customers.

Web Design

We create custom sites that don’t just embrace the best graphic design New Jersey has to offer, but help you to generate new leads and make more conversions than your competitors. Your website needs to be beautiful, but more importantly, it needs to sell.

Social Media

Our social media service is the best in New Jersey. We make sure your business is active on the main platforms where your customers spend their most time. In today’s online world, reputation is everything.

Why Choose Us?

We deliver better results and we make SEO easy for you:

Best New Jersey SEO
Google Domination
We make sure that you dominate Google by making your pages appear not just once on the first search page, but in multiple locations. This literally doubles or triples your ability to generate traffic on your website.
In-house Work
We don’t outsource our work. Most SEO “experts” simply white-label other company work. They actually have no idea about SEO and how to rank your website. We do all the work in-house at Jersey City SEO. Our expertise gives us many more options to try if your industry is particularly competitive.
No Long Term Contracts
Unlike larger companies that make you sign 12 month agreements, we provide month-to-month contracts. We believe in getting our customers results. You don’t like how things have turned out? You can cancel at any time.
Reach Us at Any Time
Nothing is worse than calling a company and being transferred 5 times before you get the person you want. That will never happen with us. We’re a small shop so you can always get someone on the phone. We’ve set up our business to make sure that you’ll always be able to reach someone. Our clients matter to us.
Stay Ahead of the Curve
Search Engines are constantly changing. We stay ahead of these changes by participating in elite SEO masterminds with the best SEOs in the world. That means we stay ahead of the changes coming down the pipe, and we make sure that you’re always positioned to sell.

What Clients Say About Us

A Letter From Our Founder

Dear Business Owner,

I’m sure you found this page by Googling “Jersey City SEO”, “NJ SEO” or maybe by seeing one of our videos on YouTube. Every month dozens of business owners, like yourself, contact our company for SEO services because they recognize us as being the best SEO expert in New Jersey simply because of our Google ranking.

The thing to understand about Google is that it is a game of big winners and big losers. The majority of search traffic goes to websites at the top. If you’ve never been in that position you really don’t know the full extent to which Google can grow your business.

Search engine optimization can seem like it’s a frightening world and for many, it is. It’s always changing, always moving and it is very easy to get left behind. At the same time, it is a necessity for any business that wants to stay competitive in today’s online marketplace. It doesn’t matter if your website specializes in e-commerce or if you’re just trying to advertise a local restaurant, you’ve got to make sure that your website works for your business. That’s where we come in – we help turn regular websites into the stars of the search engine results pages.


Let’s look at the hard numbers for a second to get an idea of why you need to show up higher on search engines. When people shop today, they always go online first. 93% of all online usage doesn’t start with a customer going to a specific site – most people search before they do anything else. When your customers are looking for something, they don’t want to have to search too hard – 75% of them will never look past the first page of Google’s search results. That means of all of the thousands of pages out there, you’ve got to have a site that ranks among the top ten.


SEO is the process of making sure that you make it to that first page. It’s not as easy as just using the right keywords anymore – you’ve got to design a site with this in mind, create great content, and serve your visitors just as well as you serve the web crawlers. This takes a master’s touch today, as this ongoing process requires a deep level of knowledge and the ability to adapt to new changes on the fly. SEO isn’t something that you can just throw together when you feel like it -you need the help of a New Jersey Online Marketing Consultant.


If you want to make sure that your website flourishes and that you bring in the customers that you need to succeed, you need the help of the best Jersey City Marketing Company. We believe in valuing our customers, providing them with the best service in the industry and showing them real results. Our job is to help you – and that means making sure that your site succeeds. If you’re ready to take the next step towards a brighter future, contact us today about New Jersey SEO.

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